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Product Concept and Specifications

ESI's engineering staff will assist with product conceptual design and specifications. With our broad range of experience in design and manufacture, we can be your resource in product planning from the first step.

Hardware Design

Our design staff will take your ideas and turn them into functional designs. With increasing regulatory requirements, our expertise can be your roadmap to ensure your product will meet UL, VDE, CSA, CE, FCC, or any other requirements you will face. Our experienced engineers and libraries of tested, functional design components speed your designs to market, eliminate risk, and simplify your job.

Software Design

Microprocessor based controls are our specialty. Our software engineers can draw on our libraries of tested, functional software components, and create the custom software you need. Our experience spans a wide range of microprocessor families from simple 8051, to high end embedded processors such as the 32 bit ARM families.


Our state of the art manufacturing capabilities allow your product to be built in any quantity level. Rely on us for quality, on-time delivery, and cost effectiveness. Whether you need high speed, fine pitch, automatic surface mount assembly, or conventional through-hole assembly, we can provide it. Come to us with your special requirements. Whether custom test fixtures, volume assembly, or special requirements, we can find a solution for you.

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